LC9 Holster Suggestions?


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Any suggestions for a AIWB neutral cant holster for an LC9?

I like the Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe. Crossbreed Holsters > Home

I see they have two more holsters for the LC9, the MiniTuck and the QuikClip. Check out those three. The Supertuck is very comfortable with full and compact guns and I'm sure any of them will be great for an LC9.


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Someone asked the same question in another thread. This was the response I gave:

Thoughts on holsters and concealment methods
I use either Crossbreed Holsters "Supertuck" or a Kholster. I prefer the Kholster. Why?
A) I like being able to tuck my shirt between the gun and the clips. This means that you can wear it with pretty much anything. I don't have to tuck in when wearing a jacket or sport coat.
B) The kholster has a huge paddle that protects your ribs from being rubbed raw.
C) They both have many adjustments to tilt the gun forward or backward, or anywhere in between. The kholster will adjust from a radical forward sweep, to almost flat (grip upward for small-of-the-back carry)
D) They are both fitted to your strong side.

Other options:
1) Waist packs- they are ok, except for, just like shoulder holsters (see below), you sweep everyone around you and yourself, too.
2) OWB holsters: Leather is ok, but after a while, leather breaks down and soft leather can get into the trigger guard.
3) Paddle holsters are great, but not very conceal able. They 'print' very badly. If you can get away with these, I prefer Kydex or “plastic” ones that don’t collapse inward. See my comments on cheap holsters below.
4) Underwear / Thunderwear-type holsters are great in concept, but it’s tough to present and especially when sitting down (on your couch, in the car, etc) Plus, I don’t want a gun pointing (“there”) or at my femoral artery.

Things to avoid:
1) Shoulder holsters, especially horizontal "Miami Vice" type. When you present the gun, you sweep anyone behind you, anyone to your 'gun side' (and probably your own arm). It takes more time by almost 3/4 of a second. Straps look like bra straps through a shirt or light jacket. For the ladies, this is ok. For get the point.
2) Cross-draw holsters. Same reasons as shoulder holsters (above).
3) Cheap flimsy nylon holsters and cheap flimsy leather holsters. The holster collapses inward when you present the gun. One guy shot himself in the leg because the soft leather collapsed inward into the trigger, thus pressing the trigger and BOOM! I'm looking for the article for you. Cheap holsters are attractive when you are on a budget, but saving a couple of bucks isn't worth an accident (ILE= “Instant Learning Experience”.
4) Ankle holsters- Takes too long to present. You need to stop moving, bend over, roll up your pant-leg, release the strap, stand back up, and then present the gun. How many steps is that? Too many!
5) T-shirt holsters: Great concept- but make sure you read about shoulder holsters above. Also, think about having a COMPETENT tailor change a button-down shirt to snaps and sewing the buttons outside the snaps. The shirt LOOKS like it is buttoned, but you can rip the snaps open to access your gun. Read about shoulder holsters above.

* Look at your wardrobe-
1) for IWB carry, you will need to buy pants a size or two bigger than usual, or those with elastic waistbands.
2) Shirts- It is not considered a good idea to wear light-colored shirts, whether IWB or OWB holsters. Dark shirts camouflage the grip better.
3) Shirts / jackets- If you leave your shirt un-tucked, make sure the tails are long enough to cover the gun when reaching, for example, high shelves at the store.
4) Jackets / sport coats- I wear a lot of sport coats during appropriate seasons- They work with non-printed (no graphics) t-shirts, polo shirts, and dress shirts equally well and look nice. I buy my sport coats with a larger cut, so as not to "print" through. Avoid a sport coat (any shirt or jacket) that is tight. Shirts, jackets, etc should be "generous" fit.

I consider myself to be well-educated because I have hundreds of dollars invested in “junk” holsters I'll never use again. I would like to save you money by sharing the lessons I learned the hard way (expensive way). Don't waste money on junk!

I hope this helps someone somewhere...


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I have to admit to liking the Crossbreed Supertuck style. Comfortable, distributes weight of pistol, and relatively dost effective. I also like the Don Hume and Stoner holsters. For top value for the dollar, Milt Sparks and High Noon.
Some alternatives to Crossbreed, which is a very fine line, are:
Theis Holsters | Products | Custom IWB Holsters
and Kholster.
Also, SHTF Ace-1 Link Removed
and Old Faithful Holsters | Old Faithful Holsters

Crossbreed must have really come up with something good with sooo many people copying it.

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I have the mini-tuck crossbreed holster for my Ruger LCP, and it is comfortable. Can't imagine that the mini-tuck wouldn't be just a good for the LC9. For tactical / training use - I'd recommend a Fobus (see Link Removed)


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I have the Maxtuck from I like it better than crossbreed because the kydex is secured with screws instead of rivets. When my M&P 40c gets here tomorrow, it'll cost me $20 for another kydex instead of $70 for another holster. Other than that, I think they are comparable


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I have a Tuck This II, its a IWB and simply love it to death. Best holster for cheap ($30) Its adjustable for many different draw angles from carrying at 1 oclock to 6 or maybe 7 if your odd like that. Holds the LC9 tight and doesnt collape when you draw either, so reholstering is pretty simple. Ive even tried some crazy physical stuff and still didnt drop it (biking, running, and even hung upside down once for a few seconds. Just a thought

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