Know an Illinois business owner who carrys?


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Since it is legal to open or conceal carry at your "fixed place of business" in Illinois I was wondering if anyone knows of a business owner who does? I understand that the employees at Chuck's Gun Shop near the Chicago area do. I know of someone here in Southern Illinois who conceal carries at his place of business. I also used to work for the owner of a vending business who carried when he made deposits at the bank.

Since HB182 passed in Illinois making it clear that you can legally carry a firearm on someone else's property with permission if say a gun shop wanted to they could post a sign saying "Permission is granted to all persons who can legally own a firearm to do so on this property". I don't know if this will happen, but it could. Will we see more open carry by employees of gun shops now? Maybe.

I know of several business owners and employees who carry at work. One is a restaurateur and the others run/work at gunshops.

I also know that one of the indoor ranges where I shoot IPSC at there are a ton of us running around with unloaded firearms holstered on our hips, with loaded magzines on the support side. about 2-3 seconds for most of us to draw & load.
I know of several coin dealers whom open carry in their shops.
When I had my business, I did not open nor conceal carry but kept one within easy access of myself and employees.
my boss and i dont carry at work... as we are in and out of the shop all day and all hours... but we each have a safe at our desks with a pistol in it... easily accessible...

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