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Dave Buckley

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Keltec pf11 pf9

I contacted keltec yesterday and was informed that all models are still in production, also 6,800 rounds limitation life time warranty.


Chief Inguneer
You gotta get the new PF9. I just bought one a couple weeks ago. Fobus holster or ankle holster. priceless!
I put over 200 rounds through it without a jam. without ever cleaning the factory grease out of it. the slide hold stuck for the first20 rounds but worked it's way in there after. Great CCW!:man_in_love::man_in_love::man_in_love:


Chief Inguneer
When or if you decide to buy a PF9, You will need to do some site work. The windage is easy. but a shim will be needed to elevate the sight. if you are use to shooting S&W, You will find that you will be shooting low with Kel Tec. I will let you know what I have placed as a shim in the future. I assume, at least .032 to start with. I also have purchased the laser sight. Seams like putting a dress on a pig. But Will prove it's self shooting varments in the backyard at night.::sarcastic:

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