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New to this forum, like what I have read and seen. i have a permit in Utah and go thru Nevada a lot. as of july 1st they are not going to honor the Utah permit because they dont require live fire to get the permit. Is there anything I can do to to be able to carry in Nevada after that takes affect.

Nevada does issue non-resident permits. Look at taking their required course and obtaining their permit. From what I can see that's the only option.
The "blue card" is the Clark County handgun registration card and it is not required in order to obtain a non-resident NV permit.

Open carry is legal in NV and a loaded handgun stored in your vehicle is also legal, as long as it is not concealed upon your person.
So, once you enter NV, place your loaded handgun in the glove/utility compartment of your vehicle or open carry you handgun.

Get a non-resident NV permit, if you want to carry concealed in NV.
I'm all for open carry where legal. Here in MA, we don't have OC. We do have CC, but it is at discretion of local police chief. I'm fortunate that we have a solid 2A chief in my town. The next town over is extremely difficult to get a CC permit, unless you are a well heeled, liberal democrat with lots of blue blood yankee money.

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