June '23 Drill of the Month: Immediate Incapacitation

This month’s drill is especially relevant to a realistic defensive skillset. In the shooting discipline, we tend to equate small targets with distance and larger targets with close range. Corresponding to this distinction, most shooters approach close-range shooting as a speed-driven affair and distance shooting as a precision discipline. Well, there are realistic scenarios that may require precision shooting at close ranges. Another realistic need that may seem out of the norm is precision shooting while also under time pressure. This drill focuses on these skills.

While the principles involved have been around for a long time, this particular drill can probably be credited for popularity to firearms trainer Gabe White, who calls it “Immediate Incapacitation” and uses it within his set of assessment drills. The goal of the drill is to deliver two precision shots to not only the head but to the four-inch circle within the head of an IDPA target within a time limit. The drill is shot at seven yards from concealment. At the beep of the timer, draw and fire two rounds into the four-inch circle of the head. Even though we are only at seven yards, the four-inch circle demands a level of precision accuracy, yet we are striving to make the shots quickly. The four-inch circle is also a much more realistic zone of incapacitation on a human adversary than just anything within the head.

For this drill, two rounds clean in under three seconds is competent shooting, and two rounds clean in under two seconds is very good shooting. Give it a try.


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