Idaho Carry Dinner at Fuddruckers in Meridian, Feb 20, 7pm


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Our next dinner will be on a WEDNESDAY (Thursday was booked) February 20th at 7pm at FUDDRUCKERS at 3421 N Eagle Rd in Meridian. Put this date on your Android, I-phone and any other device you have to remind you.
Why Fuddruckers? Because we outgrew the Black Bear Diner and Fuddruckers will hold 100 people. I eat there at least once a week and I love their burgers.
We will try to hold weekend and midweek events at the Black Bear for smaller meetings, but this month we will be at Fuddruckers. Bring a friend because we will be discussing gun legislation and the Day of Resistance at the Capitol which will be 3 days later on February 23rd.
It is not absolutely necessary for you to RSVP, but it would be helpful to let me know if you are coming in order for the manager to have enough cooks to handle our large group.

Please forward this to your Idaho friends.

Also, keep your eye out for larger dining areas. At this rate of growth, we will be up to 200 within a few months.

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