How's your local scene?


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Here in Vegas a box of 100 white box Winchester FMJ is running me about $21 and some change. A box of blazer brass is running close to $13 per 50. What's it running for in your city?

every where here in dallas is sold out of bulk and a box of win.fmj's go for around $12-$16box of 50 having a hard time finding any other brand besides blazer or wolf :shout::help::big_boss:
What caliber? Most Walmarts here have some 9mm Blazer Brass and I've seen some Winchester 40S&W. 45ACP is non existent at walmart. I've been paying $19 for 230gr FMJ, box of 50. Manufacturer is a mixed bag. It depends on what they have at the time. The last few boxes have been Magtech.
Yea sorry about that. 40 cal. And our wal-marts are very close to out of stock. Blazer Brass is the only 40 FMJs I can buy anymore. If I go to a gun shop im paying $20 per 50 for federal target rounds.
That's about it. I've seen 40S&W for $18/50 but on the average it's running between $20 AND $25/50. Same for 45ACP. I've started reloading again. I bought a Dillon 550B setup and figure it will pay for itself after 2100 45ACP rounds. At 200 rounds average per week it will pay for itself in about 3 months. I figure it's not going to get any better for at least 4 years...and may get a lot worse.
blazer brass at wal-mart here is going for 8.97 for 9mm box of 50. 12.47 for .40 box of 50 and 14.98 for .45 box of 50. they end up a little cheaper per 100 rounds vs the winchester white box.

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