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Hello and thanks, this site is great! I am just starting the process to obtain my CC permit and was looking online at the thousands of holster choices, I plan to carry my Ruger P345 (4.5'' 45acp). I like the ''no jacket'' insine the pants holsters such as the Smartcarry, Pager pal, and the Active pro gear Defender. (At least i think i would like one) All three let you return if you are not 100% happy. If any of you own or have tryed any of these, or other options I would appriciate the input.

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I have more holsters than I have sense! But by far, the BEST concealed carry holster I own is the Milt Sparks VersaMax-II. I now have one for every CCW I own! I picked up a Galco Concealable OWB holster to hold me over until my Milt Sparks order arrived. The Galco is a good high and tight OWB holster. I carry Commander sized 1911's and Carry sized SIG P-220's in comfort in my VM-II's.

Anywho... The VM-II is the IWB holster most copied by other holster makers for a reason. http://www.miltsparks.com/
I have a small Smartcarry and I have a Ruger P345. Under the clothes I wear I think the P345 would print pretty badly. I carried it for quite a while in an IWB holster on my strong side. It is pretty large and heavy for concealed carry, but it can be done. I have a Crossbreed supertuck for my Sig p250 and it is the best holster I own and very reasonably priced.

Good Luck.
I have carried in a Smart Carry and it's okay for deep concealment, but you're going to need a LOT of practice in order to become quick at drawing from it, especially while sitting. I've literally had tens of thousands of reps with it, and even to this day, I'm still not quick at drawing while in a sitting position. On the plus side, however, it conceals better than any holster I've ever owned. It's probably the only holster I've ever owned for which I could be wearing a pair of dress pants and a tucked in form fitting shirt and still not be made.
I recently obtained one of the Crossbreed Super Tucker holsters.

I was not at confrortable as I had hoped--on the first day.

However, by the end of the second day I darn near forgot that I was carrying! It just took a little time for the leather to mold to my bodyl
I just got a Don Hume Open Top for my Ruger P89. Been wearing it for a couple of days and finding it very comfortable. Holds the gun tightly against my body so I can cover with an untucked shirt. Degree of cant also works well for me in the car.

I have a Galco scout it is an inside the pants appendix carry you can also carry it on your side but i am a pretty fit guy so I don't have teh curves to hide my P229 and you can only see my 229 if you know where it is and looking for it and I am talking about wearing a thin tshirt and a pair of shorts. The only negative is bending over presents a little discomfort but sitting and most other activities are ok. Good luck with your holster selection.

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