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I just added a new gun to my collection. A Springfield 1911A1 "Loaded". I cant seem to field strip my pistol. I got the slide off but i cant seem to do anything with my guide rod so i cant move my barrel bushing to extract my barrel and guide rod. Oh its a full length guide rod.

If bought from store take if back.if not try a little oil and lite tap with wood or plastic. or just go shoot it to loosen it up.
CS make sure you have the bushing turned the right way.It should be simple so don't force it.
This may sound nutty, but there are a couple of really good videos on YouTube that show the disassembly and reassembly of the 1911. A big help to a new owner (like me).
All Better

Thanks for the help guys. I figured it out last night after i got home from work. My owners manual said i need a 5/32" Allen wrench or a screw driver to remove the guide rod. What it doesn't tell you is that you need to unscrew it counter clockwise to remove it from the return spring, then and only then can you push down the return spring collar and turn the bushing and extract the barrel.

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