Hello Forum, and Fla CC question


This is my first post here, so hello to everyone..

I live in Kentucky and hold a Ky CC license. Come February 1 my wife and I are going to Florida for a couple of months. It will be our first time to be there for an extended period.. We'll be out and about as much as possible, and I'll be taking a handgun and possibly a shotgun(strictly as a house gun)..

Aside from just the basic meaning of "reciprocity" I'm not very familiar with Florida CC laws, and I'm hoping someone here can clue me in on any significant differences that exist between Ky and Fla, or have any tips for someone in my situation.. Any Ky members who have experience carrying in Fla?

Thanks in advance for any information, and hope you all have a Happy and safe New Year........

I don't know KY law, but Florida CC law is pretty simple...

You do want to read the info on the resource page that will give you the few places you cannot carry.

Concealed carry with a permit is OK nearly everywhere (except the list) and open carry is illegal everywhere (except for some hunting/fishing exemptions).

YOU CAN CARRY IN RESTAURANTS! YOU CAN CARRY AND DRINK (just not be drunk, about the same restriction as driving). You CANNOT carry in a bar that is only a bar, or the bar room of a restaurant. Simple test, if you can smoke, you cannot carry as smoking is allowed in stand alone bars but not in restaurants.

Other than those places on the list, no carry signage etc DOES NOT carry the weight of law, and you will find very little of it. If you are going to Orlando, carry is privately restricted in the theme parks but again does not carry the weight of law, but I do not recommend carrying there because of safety (see my multiple other posts).

You may also have a LOADED AND ACCESSABE firearm in your car WITHOUT a permit provided it is inside the glove compartment or other closed area or in an enclosed case. In my case I have a permit but my wife does not but when we travel in the state, I leave a weapon in the glove box when she has the car just in case.

Florida is a Castle Doctrine state and has no duty to retreat rule and is fairly liberal on its definition of acceptable "use of deadly force" and exempts self-defense from both criminal and civil proscecution.

Welcome to the forum and to our great state and have fun!
Welcome from Tampa Bay..
What 2beararms said..

Just to add "enclosed Cased" is pretty liberal in the state..
A loaded gun in:
an unlocked glove compartment - good
a closed console - good
in a holster with a retaining clasp - good
in a paper bag - bad ( you could shoot the gun without removing it from the bag)

Restaurants that serve alcohol -Eat at a served booth - good.. If you go to the bathroom, walk around the bar area to get there to be legal.
Thanks 2bear and Hoot.

Sounds very much like Kentucky but a little more liberal.... We can't carry loaded in a console without the license..
There is also no requirement to inform.. so you don't have to tell an officer you are carrying, but you can.. It's your choice.

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