handgun in Arizona Indian country


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I am going camping in Arizona Indian country with my family and a dog. I do not have CCW permit. How Arizona rules different from CA wrt handgun in a car? In CA you have to have your handgun unloaded and locked in a box in a trunk. You can shoot in National Forests all you want providing it is safe of course.

I am more worry about protecting my beagle from mountain lions ;))

Thanks !!

Presumably the Beagle will be safe inside a moving auto from mountain lions.

That out of the way, I think AZ is an open carry state but not sure. Look on this website they have a place with laws by state. I don't know if it would be legal to pack loaded inside the moving car but if it were me that is when I would be worried especially at truck stops and rest areas at night.
Reservations are autonomous and have their own laws and police. Carrying a firearm within their territory usually requires a permit, as does camping. Best thing is to contact the respective council and see what their requirements are. Some are quite friendly to firearms, others not so much. If all your doing is traveling through on a highway, open carry is fine.

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