Handgun for Wife?


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Hi My wife just started shooting, she loves her Walther P22. I can't get it out of her hand to shoot. She also has a Glock 26, and doing very well with both. Be Safe and careful. Lewis


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Wife with a hand gun? Priceless!

Jay I agree. In my case, I took my wife to the range for the first time. I was supprised! I let her shoot my 38 revolver. Now bear in mind she is only 115# ringing wet. She asked me to get another box of bullets. You need to spend some time with an empty gun in the kitchen and get her comfortable handling a fire arm. Many ranges have rental arms that you can try. I wound up buying her a S&W MP9C because she is left handed. They don't make alot of hand guns for leftys. Have patences, and have fun!


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Mine carries my Glock 19 and she loves it! Her first time at the range she scored very tight groupings in the heart area of her silhouette. One group was blown out about the size of a half dollar... Distance about 25ft. Very impressive first outing!


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I started my wife, who is a nyc girl never held a gun before, on a 24/7 taurus now she is shooting a RIA 1911 3.5 in barrel and she loves it says its heavy but when i explained the recoil wieght ratio to her she stopped. you can go ahead start her with a 1911 they are heavy enough to have less felt recoil.

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