Gun murders: American curse


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Just amazes me when articals like this don't relay facts about how many murders are drug related by illegal guns, gang related etc.. I'd like to see just once some real stats with an artical as proof. :angry:

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I'm from WV originally. Let me assure you that this liberal weenie article reflects the views of only a small minority of the citizens there.

This guy probably sells a lot of papers by writing crap that makes people angry.
Why would you want the truth to ruin a good story. How do you expect progressive liberals get any traction with there agendas, if they tell the truth. Remember Clinton told his people if you tell a lie often enough, soon it becomes the truth. Just have to remember to tell the lie the same way each time.
I agree. It's maddening because most of their "arguments" are based on twisted stats or flat out lies.

We need to do our part to combat it. Make sure you have ammo by reading things like Gun Facts as BC stated, and then fire back whenever you hear this BS.

Personally, I run five different firearms-related blogs, post to Facebook, and tweet about firearms truths nearly daily. I figure if I can arm just a couple of extra people a week with more info, and then they do the same, maybe eventually the anti-gun spew will no longer have a market.
He compared Chicago to Toronto and said the difference was lax gun laws. Clearly he knows nothing about the gun laws in Chicago. They are far from lax.
Murder denotes an act of violance "against the law" committed by a criminal "outside the law" and individual using a "gun" in self defense or a police officer using a gun to stop a crime under this "moron's" logic is a criminal act. PC: the use of the word moron is not to reflect badly on morons, they have more sense than this guy.

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