Gun Laws of Montana, 2009 Revised Edition

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The 2009 revised edition of Gun Laws of Montana, by Gary Marbut, incorporating the new new self defense and Montana-made gun laws, HB228 & HB246, is now available. Unfortunately, the rush to get the book into print resulted in a printing error on page #126.

Section 9 of HB228 is only partially quoted. The full text of Section 9, as it should appear on page #126, is as follows:

Section 9. Justifiable use of force -- burden of proof.
In a criminal
trial, when the defendant has offered evidence of justifiable use of
force, the state has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt
that the defendant's actions were not justified.

I'm told by the author that all copies printed contain this error, so he will include an insert sheet with the completed Section 9 text in all future copies sold.

If you have already purchased the 2009 edition without the insert sheet, you can copy & paste the above Section 9 text into a Word document, print it out, then tape or paste it into your copy on page 126.

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