Grandson's First Deer Hunt


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Zachary just turned 10 in September. He is very small for his age. He could hardly wait for the opening of the Missouri "YOUTH HUNT". On opening morning he was up ahead of his older brother who is 15 and also was participating in the YOUTH HUNT.

Because of his size he can't properly get behind the sights of my old Ruger Mini 30 (7.62 X 39 Russian). The only rifle I have that he can sight properly is my "House Gun" which is a bone stock .30 M1 Carbine (I have a 5 round magazine for it which makes it perfectly legal in the Missouri deer woods). I have owned it for 32 years. It is the first high power that his father learned to shoot. It has a long history in our family.

Zachary only used one of the five rounds (110 Grain Winchester Hollow Point with 14.2 Grains of Hercules 2400 behind it). Open sights at about 60 yards. Behind the left shoulder about one inch above center body. The bullet exited the deer behind the right shoulder. Yep, the old M1 Carbine shot all the way through that deer!

Zachary got his first deer on his first deer hunt. I think we have another lifetime hunter in our midst!!!

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