Governor Say He Will Sign CC Bill After July 4th


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On WTMJ news this morning Governor Walker said he would sign the concealed carry bill sometime shortly after July 4th. He stated that Sen. Darling [R-River Hills] was introducing another bill to stiffen penalties for felons who carry guns. He went on to say that he held out for training to be added to the bill.

The story is located Link Removed but you must watch the video to hear him talk about the date. It is not mentioned in the printed version.

This means the DOJ will not be required to start issuing permits until November 1st 2011.

On a slightly different state note, Governor Corbett of Pennsylvania is set to sign our new and improved castle doctrine bill into law tomorrow.
On an even further note, any of you guys want to trade governors? Illinois is causing overcrowding in federal prisons with the men it elects.
No thanks for me too. We in Pennsylvania just got finished with 8 years of liberal Ed Rendell, who vetoed the bill that our current Governor is expected to sign today!

NO, how many Governors does it make now?
In reverse order, Rod Blagojevich, George Ryan, Otto Kerner, Dan Walker and Lennington Small. To be fair to Gov. Small (1921 to 1929) he was later acquitted. Several of the jurors in his case, however, ended up with state jobs.:eek:

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