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Gerald Cardinale -- Senator, 39th District: Grade = A

See This, Dated today: From The NY Times

When the State Legislature banned the sale and possession of assault weapons in 1990, thousands of gun owners protested with seething letters and boisterous rallies. The issue has resurfaced this spring in the form of a proposal to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons.

The proposal comes from State Senator Gerald Cardinale, a conservative Bergen County Republican who is a member of the National Rifle Association. Under the current law, New Jersey residents may carry a handgun only if they can convince a Superior Court judge that their safety depends on it. But Mr. Cardinale's proposal would allow people to carry weapons if they pass a background check and take eight hours of training. At least 28 other states have passed similar laws, many in the last few years.
I caught him, maybe 15 years ago, promoting the Rights of NJ citizens to KABA on a NJ television station! I called him to express my appreciation for his position, and I'm pleased to see his position remains firm. I -LIKE- this guy, a LOT, and I think he's really right for New Jersey.

I never knew that politicans of this variety could be found in New Jersey. Wherever they are found, they need to be quickly be elected to restore some semblance of freedom there. Between the high taxes, traffic jams, crime, and overall hatred of personal liberty, New Jersey is one of the worst states in America to live in (not quite as bad as D.C., however, but since D.C. isn't a state, I can only rank it as the worst place, not the worst state).
Gerald Cardinale is not necessarily nice?

Sen. Cardinale is not really a friend to NJ gun owners. He is instead an opportunist. When the ass clowns in Trenton dreamed up that stupid smart gun legislation, the NRA all but begged him to vote NO, and he voted YES!.:jester:

When I called his office, his assistant made the usual mealy mouth, lame excuse that his vote was either for this bill, or another choice that was worse still. That folks is pure NJ BS. As a former life long resident, some 6 years gone now (to PA), I do not miss anything about the little state:blink:

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