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Hi, I'm in Alabama and just bought my first handgun, S&W Sigma SW40VE, with the intension of just keeping it in the house for personal protection. Do I need to get a carry permit? The only place I plan to take it would be to the range.

Thanks in advance

First off Welcome to the forum, you will receive all the info you need right here I'm just the first one. Here in MI. you do not need a carry permit to take your S+W to the range, You need to transport it in the trunk or back of vehicle unloaded and in a carrying case of some sort and I believe ammo separate. check with your local police dept to be on the safe side, Have fun with your new S+W. Besafe

Unless things have changed since I left AL 7 years ago, no you don't need a permit. However, you might want to consider getting one. When I was there all you had to do was fill out a paper, get 3 character witnesses to sign it and send it to the sheriff. I think it cost about $20 per year. Good luck. As was said unless you have one you'll have to unload and carry the gun and ammo in different places in the car.

I would take the time to do it, even if you never plan on carrying, simply for the fact of having it. You never know which way the political winds will blow, and it is much easier to renew it than to try to get one after they change to requirements.
You might wanna check your state laws as faras carry open or in car.Here in NC you can either open carry anywhere,or carry in your car UNconcealed,with out a concealed permit.

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