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I am in the market for another carry pistol, icurrently have a ruger 357, but itis my wife's and she ib afixn to get her cwp. and my XD45 is just to hard to conseal with light clothing. I have looked at both,but i want some feedback on witch woukl be better, I have big hands and am not sure about recoil and things. Thanks for the input in advance


Either are great! Depends on you're needs. The G27 is easily concealable. Since you have large hands, you may want to consider ordering the finger groove extension or a magazine extension. Both are available here;

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i have a g27, and if your going to carry inside the waistband i say get the g23, it's not all that much bigger.
I have the G30. While it is a pretty "meaty" little gun, I like it. I have had good luck with it at the range. Also, I was shopping for a G26 a couple of years ago and ended up going with the S&W M&P9c. Very comparable to that G26 / G27 platform.
I've got a 27 and like it. The difference in grip length does make a difference in concealibility between the 27 and 23 (which I also have). The 27 is typically carried just to the right of zipper (appendix carry?) while the 23 is carried strong side IWB.
Get both.
I have had a G23 for 10 years +. Love it. both are fantastic, you can't go wrong with either (or both!)

Last year, site unseen, I ordered the G27 (also with CT grips)
when it got in, I didn't like the "2 finger" grip on the G-27,
so I got a mag extension...at that point - it was basically the same size as my G23 anyway...

traded it in for another Smith snubbie with CT grips...try before you buy, if you can!
I have both the 23 and 27's. Just depends on what you want and how much concealement you want. I can carry my 26 or 27 in a Kramer Pocket Holster in my front pocket or a jacket pocket. I have to have a finger extension on the mag, because I have a big set of meat hooks. If I carry in the waistband, I'd probably go with a 19 or 23. Like I said, just depends on what you want.
Go with the G23. Great carry gun and is also a great range gun. The two fingered grip on the 27 gets old after a hundred rounds or so and as said above, the G27 with finger grip on the magazine makes it a G23 anyway. I carry in a holster outside the waistband most of the time but when summer comes, IWB carry is prudent. I use a summer comfort IWB holster and the G23 hides just fine.
I carry a 19 because of less recoil, old and disabled man lol.............I also have a 23, 27, 22, 26, 21, the 23 recoil is less and allows for easier follow up shots on ur target............ eather one is great, go with the one thats rite for u................... only u can make a decision as whats rite for u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Glock is rite for me, thats all I can say............... oh I carry every day iwb and the 19 conceals well....
T hanks folks for all the input,,I am going with the G27 just because i want one :)

Even with a finger groove extension or one round mag extension, the G27 is still a smaller gun than the G23. Shorter barrel, frame, etc... I carry the 27 and I find it to be an excellent hideout gun and it packs a punch!

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