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Hey guys,
This is my first thread. I carry a Glock 23 and love it tremendously. I was looking for some more things to do to it. I have an extended slide release, as well as Trijicon Night/Florescent Sights. I was specifically looking for a nice barrel to improve on accuracy. I am a fairly good shot ( to be modest) but would like to see if a nicer barrel would improve my accuracy as well. I dont know if it is worth the money and would like to see what opinions you guys had on if it was worth it, as well as brands. I am new to CCing, for about 2 months now and would like to hear from some of the experienced "vets". Thanks in advance for your input guys.

I carry a G23 everyday, and all I have done is a guide spring buffer and meprolite night sights. I won't get anything else to make it seem more accurate or deadly because of what might happen in a legal situation. This is the same reason I will never reload my Self defense ammo. I don't want to give the prosecuting attorney any more than the facts. I was defending mine and or my family's lives.

my $.02
Hey,, I carry a G19 every day, it has all extended controles and I put +1 extensions on all 3 mags I carry, it also has a 3lb trigger as will, I also have a custom G22 with all the features my 19 has plus it has a magwell and a custom 2 port storm lake barrel, plis a springco recoil reduction system... I get all my GLOCK parts and the barrel from > TOPGLOCK.ccm < I plan or ordering a storm lake barrel for my G19 soon, I have only good to say about storm lake barrels, cheep, accurate, drop in also... good luck ...be safe............
So the drop in barrels by Storm lake are more accurate than glock stock barrels? Is it possible to get an aftermarket barrel that is not compensated or ported? Thanks for all the help everyone.

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