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A small gun store has gone from local to worldwide overnight with the eruption of publicity due to a gun giveaway from a local Radio Shack. I am very happy for Frontier because i know many of them personally and the business that they run not only provides citizens with the means to protect there home and family, but they do it in a way that promotes safe use of firearms and they really form relationships and friends with all of their customers. So amidst all of this publicity, go stop by Frontier Guns and Ammo to see for yourself. They are not just giving away guns to anybody who buys the product from radio shack, they still go through the background check and have to pass in order to receive there gun. They must go through all necessary paperwork. Villains will not be handed free guns as some people are thinking which is why this issue has been raised in the first place. Frontier guns is a great place and a great environment and i love going there. they have many amazing deals and rare and unique weapons. It really is worth stopping by.

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Montana store resists RadioShack's demand to stop gun giveaway

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Radio Shack: Sign up for a Dish Network and get a Gun Free!!!

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I have replaced my transmission mount, but still get that knocking noise when i take off from a dead stop it use to do it way worse though. I looked under my truck and i could see a lil trans mission residue as if the yolk on the drive shaft was coming out. Let me know if this has happened to u and how i can maybe fix it.

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