Front Sight Glock Armorers Course


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I just got back from taking an armorers course for Glocks at Front Sight. It doesn't certify you as being a Glock armorer, but was very good. I haven't had my G19 for long and hadn't taken it apart before I went to the class. They showed how to take it completely apart and even better how to put it back together and what to look for if the gun is having any problems. They give you a users manual and the instructor even gives out his phone number for future questions you might have. It was very informative. I can't wait to take some of the other armorer courses: Ar15, XD, and 1911.

Yea, can you believe how few parts there are to a Glock 19. Mine is a 3rd gen and I was shocked by how few pieces there was to it. After seeing how easy it was to take apart and put back together I decided to swap out the trigger with a G17 so it would be smooth and add the marine spring clamps just in case I dropped it in a puddle. I also added a ghost 3.5 trigger to it even though was instructed to keep it like the factory made it. The only thing that I was afraid to try was changing out the sights so I had a gunsmith do that for me. I have to say it was worth the $75 dollars for the class.

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