Friendly Counties to CA Res Receiving a NON-Res CCW?


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Does anyone know a county (closer to CA) That will issue a Non-Res CCW to CA Res? I have attempted to contact Klamath County for last two weeks with no luck. Any help would be nice. Thanks


If you are looking for a non-resident concealed weapon permit, try the State of Utah. There are others as well.


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This all depends on what your goal is and what you want the CCW for. An out of state CCW will do you no good in CA for anything. You will not be able to carry, possess, or purchase a handgun in CA with any out of state CCW. I am also assuming that you cannot get a CCW in your county based on your inquiry. That being said, Florida, Utah and Arizona will all issue CCW permits to out of state residents regardless of whether or not they have a home state CCW. This will cover you in approximately 36 states should you wish to carry in them. Just understand that federal law states that all handgun purchases must go through your home state so, if you cannot legally purchase and possess a handgun in your home state, I am not sure how you would legally obtain one to carry even if you got those permits.
Not exactly "close" to California, but if you want to CC in Oregon, the Grant County sheriff is known for his willingness to issue to anyone legally allowed: Link Removed, application here.

By Oregon law, an out-of-state resident must give a "business or legitimate demonstrated need." Quote from the Grant County application on the subject:
If you are a non-resident applicant, please list your “Legitimate demonstrated need” for our records here. Examples may be for self defense, constitutional right, travel, isolated rural roads, travel late at night, elderly, lack of police coverage etc.....

Yup, "travel" is considered a legitimate demonstrated need by the Grant Co. Sheriff. :biggrin:

You may want to call Sheriff Palmer's office, he has been known to travel to adjoining states to accept CHL applications! (aka: normally you have to drive to the sheriff's office to get fingerprinted; Palmer has been known to travel to WA and ID to do that in the neighboring state, you'd just need to travel within your own state.) Get together a dozen people in Redding or similar location, and I bet he'd even schedule a visit just for you.

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