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We are sharing a link to our website for those who are looking for some free targets, whether your a ccw holder wanting to improve your skills, a zombie hunter preparing for the Apocalypse or some one who just likes to shoot and save some money by printing your own target.

Our website:
Link Removed

Link to targets:
Link Removed

Keep checking our website as I do post articles from the print magazine I write for. In addition to adding more free targets from time to time. Eventually we plan add a postal match with some type of prizes for participants.
No such thing as zombies, werewolves, vampires. You all been watching too much TV and movies.
Wow all this hoop la over a link to some free printable targets. Im not even sure anyone posting even took the time to look at them. Since they upset over my sales pitch for some free items.

Check them out! You will see they are use ful for every one even non belivers of zombies, vampires, and such

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