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Hi All,

I just joined the forum so apologies if this a repeat question. I recently moved back to my home state of CT after living in NC for over a decade. I was shocked I needed a permit in CT to even buy ammo. I got my concealed carry permit and I'm looking at the EDC options for a conceal carry state with 10 rd limit (ugh). I have a SR9 and 2 other Ruger long guns so I'm partial to Ruger, especially if I can use my SR9 mags. All that being said, I'm a little overwhelmed right now considering the 9 mm options. Ruger has the following models and interested in your feedback or experiences you may have- they all seem very similar to me and are in the same ballpark price range:

Ruger Security 9 compact or Sec 9C Pro (thinking maybe Security 9 for SR9 mag compatibility?) Hickok 45 does not appear to be a fan
EC9s - Very inexpensive, only 7 rounds, sights are fixed and black
Ruger Max 9 - Striker fired, 10 rds, fairly inexpensive, good sights I've seen some less than glowing reviews on reliability

I'm also strongly considering the Shield Plus which is more expensive. I have a S&W 1970's Model revolver that would be the last firearm I'd ever sell, it was my first purchase in the early 90's and I grew up about 10 miles from the original S&W HQ. All the reviews are great for the Shield Plus but again, multiple options (Original Shield, Shield 2.0, CSX, OR, TS).

I also looked quite a bit at the Kimber Micro 9 and Ultra II because they are pieces of lethal art but seem to have reliability issues as well.

I've watched an embarrassing number of Youtube videos but would like to hear your experiences.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts (I think)

In my opinion it’s less about what others say- it’s about what feels right and fits right for you. Your the one using it- not us so trust what one speaks to you and seems like your fit- then you know the comfort with what we product you get it’s right for you
Out of those options, I've shot the Ruger MAX-9 and the Shield Plus (Performance Center) edition. I had no issues with either of them after putting about 500 rounds through them. So I'd say you can't go wrong with either.

I like my older S&W Shield single stack.
Simple relatively cheap and now you can get one in different flavors:
Double stack - custom center - EZ
I don't carry expensive firearms - God forbid something happens, Your EDC WILL be taken away. Might be more than a while till you get it back.

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