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Ok, with no shameless self advertising I thought it would be cool to write a review for your instructor.

I've only taken Law Enforcement training not CCW so I won't review my instructor...

(Hint: I'm looking for a good instructor to train under)

I took my CCW training at Calibers last month under Randy Glover. This guy knows his stuff! Extensive experience in law enforcement and really opened up my eyes to what I was getting into by carrying a gun. He also offers further training to expand on actually drawing and using the gun which I'm taking asap. Plus, once you've completed that course, he holds what he calls "choir practice" on Wednesdays at Calibers to further hone your skills. This whole thing is a journey I am looking forward to.
I took my classes with Joe Gilmore of Link Removed in Portales, NM. Joe is a great guy and I learned a great deal. I learned many things that I would never have expected and I feel I am a much safer and more aware person.
I also took my CCW course from Randy Glover at Caliber's. He's an outstanding instructor with a military, law enforcement, and legal background. I haven't yet taken any of the follow-on courses as mentioned above, but I really think I should.
Randy Glover

Just completed my NM CCW course yesterday, with Randy Glover out of Caliber's Indoor Range.

Great class. He's an excellent, patient, and thorough instructor. I will be taking more classes from him in the future, no question.

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