Fingerprinted in Columbia, SC


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Does anyone know of a free or cheap place to get the fingerprint requirements for the CWP in Columbia, SC or somewhere close to that? There are places I see but their either $15 or more or they don't do the prints for a CWP. Thanks for the help.



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Free if arrested. Just make sure it's not a felony!:sarcastic: Sorry, couldn't help myself.Good luck.


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Finger printing should be included in your CWP class. If you havent taken the class, I recomenned Defenders Shooting Range in Lexington.

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$15 isn't cheap?!

It will cost $15 - which is inexpensive compared to other places. Here is the link to the info: Link Removed.

In Michigan, the cost of getting fingerprints is included in the $105 fee for the CCW application. But if you don't remember to get the fingerprints done at the same time as when you submit your application, they cost $35.


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The Ultimate resource for CWP classes is "Self Defense Concealed Carry CWP" Columbia SC and no I'm not affiliated other than a graduate of that class.


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must be done at local city or county police station no longer can be done by instructor. The cost is usually $5.00 per set or $10.00 for both cards.Best to go to county cops as they have the digital print machine much clearer and not as likely to get sent back for smudges.


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Fingerprinting for CWP in SC

It should be included in your CWP course and done by your instructor. I've been doing it for 15 years in the Myrtle Beach area. I know many instructors just do not want to do it. Sorry but nothing you can do about that except find another instructor who does. Otherwise, you need to go to your local PD or Sheriffs Dept. The most they can charge by law is $5 but they can restrict the times they do it. Good Luck.


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I got my CWP at Shooters Choice. It did not include the fingerprints. If you live in Richland county you have no choice but to pay. I think mine was $20.00 at the Sheriff's Office on Two Notch Road. I have heard that it is free in Lexington County. I took my Utah CWP thru "Concealed Weapons Training" and fingerprints were included along with the mailing, picture, everything but it cost more.


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