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Hello All,

I have been watching various post in regards to returned prints for multiple reasons, I emailed DPS in regards to this and how I could help them out on possibly speeding up the process.

They want 2 sets of print cards with every application, if one is rejected they have another one on hand. If only 1 card is turned in they have to mail one out and wait for you to send one back in. Which adds time (approx up to 2 weeks) to you getting your permit. Makes perfect sense...

I will now be requiring everyone to do 2 print cards. Where ever you do your ccw class request 2 print cards ( only takes an extra 35 seconds to do one ), it will help out in the return process. In defense of only doing one card, the people prior to Donna, only wanted one print card sent in.

Here (quoted below) is the email I received from Donna at DPS.
Mr. Hansen,

Two fingerprint cards should be submitted on all applicants regardless of
the condition of the prints. This allows us the opportunity to process the
application as quickly as possible.

If the FBI determines the first submission of prints as not classifiable,
we shoot the second set of prints through. If they also come back as not
classifiable we can then proceed to a "name check only" process.

We can't just submit one set of prints, we have to submit two, prior to
going to the name check process. Which is why we require 2 set's of prints.

Sometimes the prints are not classifiable because of the condition of the
persons prints (scars, worn ridges, amputations) and sometimes it's because
the print card quality (smudged, too much or too little ink) is poor.

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify this, we have numerous applicants
only submitting one set of prints. Additionally, we are seeing an increased
amount of not classifiable prints coming through.

John Hansen

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