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Hey guys, I am the owner of a firearm manufacturing company. We are starting design on a concealed carry handgun and are reaching out to get input from you guys. I understand that we cannot produce a "one size fits all" solution but our company has always used customer feedback as part of our design process.

Anyways, here is the basic concept:
2011 modular type aluminum frame with polymer grip
single stack magazine to keep it slim
3.5" barrel chambered in 9x19
all stainless components for corrosion resistance
keep a competitive price range so everyday people can afford it

Like I said, I know this will not be the preferred EDC for everyone but I know that there is a market of people who are into this kind of setup.

What do you guys think of this setup?
What additional features (ambi safety, officer size grip, serrations, RMR cutout, ect) would you guys wanna see?

Thanks for your time!

Looks like a decent design but I am a rather large person (6'6" and 290) with very large hands. My EDC is a full size Smith & Wesson M&P first gen 9mm or a Kimber Custom 2 in 45ACP with a Hogue wrap around grip to make it wider. I would not want anything smaller due to my size and a double stack magazine actually makes the grip almost thick enough to fit my mitt so this would not be something I would be able to use. I have a 38 special snubbie that disappears in my hand (not in a good way). Lovely Wife has a S&W Shield EZ in .380 that is way too small for me to hold comfortably but fits her very well.

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