Economic Terrorism and Guns


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I got an email from one of the websites where I get some gun gear. I'm not trying to sell anything for them. I just agree with their message. I like the shirt that says "IF I SUCKED AT MY JOB I'D GET FIRED NOT A 10 MILLION DOLLAR BONUS"

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I don't know about you, but I'm pretty irritated with our government and the way it has completely screwed up our economy. They are acting outside of the Constitution and bringing in an era of socialism to our great country. This is our money and our country and they injecting themselves into areas in which they have no business being there in the first place.

Like many out there, we have lost money on home valuations, stocks and retirement accounts. Their actions are directly affecting my family and the families of people that I care about. So in a partnership deal, we present the following t- shirts that represent our feelings on these matters.

If you like these shirts, we'll work on expanding our selection and bringing more to you at the newly created website: Link Removed. Please let people know about this site and wear your new t-shirt with disgust and disdain for the governmental actions that has and will continue to cost you your hard earned money. Post in forums and forward this email.

Please get active this year. Call your representatives and let them know how you feel. If you aren't registered to vote? DO IT NOW. Tell these thieves, crooks and liars that you are not going to take it anymore and show them that on election day. Please remember that if that if they have no regard for the Constitution when it comes to economics, they will have no regard for the Constitution when it comes to your gun ownership rights. Protect your American rights!

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I'm happy to report that my Congressman, Pete Visclosky (D-IN, 1st), voted against the bailout. I'll definitely be voting to send him back to Congress next month.
The bailout vote notwithstanding, Congressman Visclosky has a reputation for being one of the House's kings of pork. Glad to see that when entrusted with this, he responded accordingly. He'll get my vote next month.

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