Don't Let Anti-Gun Groups Fool You


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With the 2008 presidential election looming larger on the horizon, it is important for those who believe in the constitutional right to bear arms to keep close watch on groups who profess to support your Second Amendment rights, and those who are front groups for destroying those rights one step at a time.

It has been a trend in the last few years for anti-gun organizations to change their names so as to seem less threatening to firearms rights.

One such example is Sarah Brady's Handgun Control to the present Brady Campaign. Another is the Coalition To Stop Gun Violence, run by long-time anti-gunner Josh Horwitz. The signature logo of CSGV is a handgun with a red slash across it (
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Now, on the scene is the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), and its executive director Bob Ricker. The board of directors of this group is staffed with dedicated Second Amendment haters such as John Rosenthal from Massachusetts, who chairs an anti-gun group called Stop Handgun Violence.

Ricker's other client is the Virginia anti-gun state group, Virginians for Public Safety. It formerly called itself Virginians Against Handgun Violence. Different name, same goal - the destruction of our Second Amendment freedoms.

These groups are well funded by such people as billionaire leftists George Soros and Andrew McKelvey, and backed in Congress by the usual gun haters.
The closer to the election we get, the more we will hear about "speaking for your gun owning rights." Just remember, same message, different name.

Steve Layman

Source: Daily News Record

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