Disarmed by the Seattle Police


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Mike Cheney in Seattle recently had a less that positive experience with the Seattle PD. He reported his experience on the WA-CCW list. After talking with Internal Affairs, I believe a positive outcome was effected.

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Someone attempted forced entry burg. on my house. I was armed and dogs went off. Called Police. Chief Disp. demanded I disarm. Cops outside refused to come here until I disarmed. Heard her tell officers that i was arguing with her. All i said was was it is my yard, my house, I am former Military Police and I do have a permit. She demanded that i disarm. I did. Then the cop that showed up told me to cooperate next time dispatch says to do something. The chief dispatcher wanted me to come out with my hands up. WTF??? Is this the crap I have to put up with???

Mike Cheney--Seattle

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Just got off phone with a Sgt. in internal affairs concerning when I was forced to disarm. He stated I did nothing wrong and he is sending a training memo to Sergeants of different Precincts to re-train Officers in a situation like this. Also a re-training memo is being sent to dispatch since they did not follow protocol concerning this issue. He fully supports my right to be armed and protect myself.

Mike Cheney--Seattle

WA-CCW Message 50849

The memo is going to all the precincts. The info. that he is putting out is that they:
1. allow people to remain armed until Police arrive and notify the citizen when they are there so they can disarm at that time.

2. To dispatch, that insisting that someone come out with their hands up is not correct according to protocol.

3. That they make sure they relay correct information to the officers as to not insight a heightened awareness situation that is not warranted.

Michael Cheney

The police won't come until you disarm? Just tell them, "Okay, but can you send an ambulance for the guy bleeding from a gunshot wound on my front porch?

"There are three types of men. Some learn by reading, a few learn by observation, and the rest have to piss on the electric fence to find out for themselves." --- Will Rogers


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