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My name is Nick Pennington; I am a junior in industrial design at NC State University. I am currently interning at a company called Montie Design in Morrisville, NC and I am helping to bring a slingshot to market for their Montie Gear line.

I was a winner of the Link Removed. My task this summer is to take my contest entry and turn it into a commercialized product.

The slingshot is designed to be light and compact and 100% made in the USA. Montie Design products are all designed to be Link Removed and what they call "Link Removed". As a result, I've had the freedom to design a high quality, high performance slingshot that is different than anything currently available. The original concept has been expanded upon due to further research, leading to variations for flat bands and variations for countries with stricter slingshot laws such as Germany.

My slingshot is composed of five pieces water jet cut aluminum held together by two pins, allowing for quick assembly and disassembly.

For pictures of and more information on the slingshot visit Link Removed

I would appreciate any input you could give me. Here are 5 questions that I'm especially interested in. Please post responses here or send responses directly to me at [email protected].


-The current design allows the standard Montie Gear slingshot to break down (removing 2 pins) and fit into a 2.5in by 6.75in long bag weighing approximately 13.5 ounces. We also have a concept that would use 3 pieces instead of 5, but is 3.75in by 9.5in long after the the slingshot is broken down weighing approximately 12.5 ounces. Which version would you prefer and why?
-Please rank the following features in order importance when purchasing a slingshot.
a. lightweight
b. cost
c. comfort
d. cool factor (how it looks)
e. easy of transport when folded up
-What features are missing in slingshots on the market today?
-If you were in the market for a new slingshot, why would you buy one of the slingshots that I have been working on (pictures Link Removed)?
-If you were in the market for a new slingshot, why would you NOT buy one of the slingshots that I have been working on (pictures Link Removed)?
-How should I improve the slingshots you see Link Removed?


Interesting design but no offense intended.Having shot many slingshots the key to accuracy is a constant sight picture and reference point. The vertical grip style provides that with the grip being center,like a front sight on a gun or more closely the sights on a bow. Fold ability is a great asset. Congrats on your achievements thus far.

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