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This course is designed for students who not only want to know about their rifle, but how to make it work like it should. This is not a Power Point lecture, but a hands-on, full day on the range deck class that will push the skills of each shooter, novice or seasoned operator. Starting with a review of rifle fundamentals and shooter diagnostics, the class quickly progresses into defensive skills needed to survive any encounter such as: multiple shots, multiple targets, reloads and malfunctions, turns, movement, barricades, alternate firing positions, and terminal ballistics. THIS IS A SHOOTING CLASS! Throughout the class, students will learn to control and drive the carbine from a professional cadre of military and law enforcement trainers.

***This is NOT a class on military/LE tactics. This class is focused on how to use the rifle/carbine as an effective defensive tool, to push the shooter to their fullest potential, and to help shooters grow in the shooting community. Although “tactical” gear will suffice, it is encouraged that shooters bring reasonably appropriate defensive gear to the course. ***

Equipment Needed:

Defensive Carbine/Rifle (AR-15, AK, Mini 14/30, etc…)
Sling for carbine/rifle. (Single point and 2 point preferred)
At least 2 spare magazines for your carbine/rifle
Magazine pouch for rifle magazines recommended but not required
Handgun, holster, and magazines
750 rounds of rifle ammunition (no armor piercing), 100 rounds of handgun ammunition
Hearing and Eye Protection (wraparound)
Brimmed hat recommended
Cleaning kit
No less than 2 liters of water
Comfortable shoes (no open toe shoes or sandals)
Appropriate weather gear (rain jacket, sunscreen, lip balm, etc…)

$200 per student.

Next class is Saturday, September 25th from 8 am - 5 pm at Pawnee Sportsman's Center (Home Page). For more information or to register, please go to ColoCCW - Colorado Concealed Carry Weapons Permit

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