Deep Concealment for LCP


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Besides ankle-carry, does anyone know of some very good concealed carry options in a casual business dress environment? Lots of kneeling, bending, lifting, reaching. Yes, pocket carry - but anything else?

Best I've found so far is a Remora IWB tuckable holster:

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It employs a sticky surface to grip to your pants, and does not require the optional (but visible) belt clip.

My only complaint with this or any other IWB option is that the belt warps a little bit where it rides over your holstered LCP.

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Second kwc, a Remora no-clip holster costs half as much as the 511 shirts. You can position it anywhere, and it really doesn't slip. I have one for the LC9, and it is comfy. I can only imagine it would be extremely good for the thinner, lighter LCP. I carry my LCP in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. This also has the no slip outer cover, but I've never used it IWB.
Look at EZ holsters. They make a holster that looks like a tablet case that may fit in your pocket, but can ride on the belt with the belt attachment. Also when releasing the snap, it pushes firearm up for a better grip.

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I use a clip and carry it in my front pocket, it looks like I'm carrying a knife. When I'm wearing khakis or dress pants I tuck it in my pants around my appendix and clip it over my pants and belt.
I also use and love the Remora. I have one for my LPC, Sig P-238, and Kimber Solo. Once I got past the clipless, and tried it I wont use anything else!
I have a Remora IWB for my Walther PPS and a DeSantis Nemisis for my LCP. The DeSantis I use both for pocket carry and IWB. It works perfect for me. I have it IWB now.......I think........ I really can't feel it! LOL

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