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Hi friends! A forum newbie here! After a few months of research & visiting stores/gun shows, I am convinced that CZ makes the ideal defensive semi-auto handgun for me. I plan to use it for both home & concealed carry once I obtain a carry permit. Standard size has the advantage of higher capacity, probably less felt recoil & slightly better accuracy, more options and the availability of .22 Kadet conversion kit so I would probably opt for the 75BD/SP-01 if all else were equal. My question then is how much more difficult would the standard size CZ 75BD/SP-01 (4.7in. barrel) be to carry concealed than say the 75Compact/PCR/P-01 (3.8/3.9in. barrel)? Also, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to best, specific, concealed carry holsters for these particular weapons. Thanks Much!

welcome to the site!

I have 2 full frame pistols that I carry on a regular basis. an EAA witness .45 and a .40 baby desert eagle. I am not a big guy. average height and weight, and have no problem concealing them usually in a smart carry holster. I too prefer to have the extra round capacity in the full size models along with the longer length of the barrel to make the shot a bit more accurate. btw both of these models I mentioned are CZ chlones.
For all around carry I prefer a compact size gun. Sometimes I carry a 1911 or similar size but it can be a lot of weight to carry all day.
I have a 75 compact and a P01. The P01 is carried most of the time though I do have a few options to choose from.
CZ's are great guns--I plan to get a 75BD and a 97BD at some point.
That P01 is probably is probably the most accurate gun handgun that I've ever shot
I'd say get which one feels best--remember that depending on your lifestyle--the weight of the gun should be some consideration.
As for mag capacity--the P01 holds 14+1. I carry a spare mag.That's 29 rds. I figure if I need more than that--a handgun is not gonna be enough to get me out of the situation I'm in anyway.

For holsters--over on the CZ forum under P01 they have a sticky thread with a list of holsters that fit the P01.
For my P01 and 75 comp I have a Bianchi paddle holster--a De Santis paddle that also holds the XD9sc and the XD45 Comp and a custom shoulder rig.I think a have a few Uncle Mike's holsters that it fits in too. I'm checking on a couple IWB holsters now and hope to have one soon.
If you don't have too many holsters--you will:laugh:

Good luck--have fun--stay safe

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