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I know ammo is expensive! Does anyone have a brand of ammo or store/site you order from that is more cost effective for practicing? I have a Glock 23. For practice, I dont care if it is top notch, but I don't want it to be poor quality so that it negatively effects my gun, but the cheaper the ammo, the more I get to practice!!!! :dance3: All advice is welcome!!!!

My experience leads me to stay away from "cheap" brands. I notice a lot of mis-fires with the cheaper ammo. I suggest sticking with the well-known names. Nationally, Walmart seems to have the best prices. Also, watch for 1/2 off deals at Gander Mountain. They usually have them every year at Christmas time.
I also have and carry a G23. For my SD rounds I will pay a bit more but have no problem using less expensive stuff for range practice. I have gotten some good prices on the Tulammo at Walmart and not had one iota of difficulty in the G23. Have gotten some of the same brand for a no-name 380 piece but had quite a different outcome with it. Most of the time it causes no problem but way too often it will jam. I will still use it in the G23 just not in the other one. Glocks are definitely better!
I'm a big fan of ammunition to go (Ammunition To Go : Your one stop for all of your ammunition needs!) Good range of brands and quality at reasonable prices. They are having a customer appreciation sale this weekend ($10 reward on future purchases for every $100 spent). But you can find deals anywhere depending on what you're looking for. Gun shows can also be good - many will give you a discount (usually based on local tax rate) if you pay cash. Combined with no shipping cost, it works out well. For military surplus ammo (russian 7.62), local gun stores can be a good source.
Academy Sports has Monarch brand 180JHP, 50 rds. for $18.00
Monarch has performed as well as Remington and Federal in 38/357 and 30-30 for me. The reviews are good in .40 as well.
You have to go to a store though. - User-Submitted Gun & Ammunition Deals has user submitted ammo prices for any caliber. (when they catch up on their orders) had 1000 rounds of .40s&w (remanufactured) for 210 shipped. should have bought more than 1k when i did.

i use remanufactured ammo exclusively for my range time, haven't had a single issue yet with any of it in my Glock 22.

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