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I know this topic has been broached on here before, but I have more specifics that I wanted to ask about. I am 5'10" and I weigh about 158lbs. I am definitely not petite, but I am not overweight either. I like to carry IWB. My issue is my hips and butt are curvy and this seems to always jut the butt of the gun in one direction or another and usually causes printing. I don't feel that the belly band or flashbang (bra holster) are practical. Any advice of a specific holster I should try? I have been told of the Crossbreed Supertuck and I am considering that, but I am afraid to waste the money. I don't have much! LOL. However, I don't carry my gun much because I don't have a good holster and if I don't carry it, I'm kinda defeating the purpose! BTW, I have a Glock 23. Any help would be appreciated.

I'd say that's probably too large a gun for you to carry concealed much of anywhere, but have you tried a holster with at least some "crossdraw" cant? I have carried an XD compact .45 in a crossdraw holster, but at 2:00 on the strong side, and have little problem with printing unless my shirt is pretty thin. I'm only 5 ft. tall, so there is simply no way possible for me to draw straight up from the usual belt holster anyway, but I like the way the gun seems to snug into my waist crossdraw style, without the grip sticking out. Might be worth a try.
Check out Undertech concealment shorts and shirts. I carry a compact 1911 with an IWB holster at 11:00 cross draw. for me its easy to conceal under a loose shirt and comfortable sitting down (barrel pointing there took some getting use to though).
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how do you dress? I suggest a much smaller and lighter gun, for starters. The Diamondback DB9, specifically,. If you don't wear dresses, there's no reason that a proper bellyband rig won't work, but you'll have to make your own. the commercial ones suck. Get a 2" wide hunk of velcro strip, and overlap it in the small of your back. Wear the gun at the navel, you see. Any cheapo IWB rig will work, cause the belt should go outside of the rig, providing tension to secure the gun in the rig.
I'd say that's probably too large a gun for you to carry concealed much of anywhere, but have you tried a holster with at least some "crossdraw" cant? I have carried an XD compact .45 in a crossdraw holster, but at 2:00 on the strong side, and have little problem with printing unless my shirt is pretty thin. I'm only 5 ft. tall, so there is simply no way possible for me to draw straight up from the usual belt holster anyway, but I like the way the gun seems to snug into my waist crossdraw style, without the grip sticking out. Might be worth a try.

I agree that the G23 is a large CCW, unfortunately it was my first gun and at the moment I cannot afford to purchase another one. Believe me, I will be getting another one, and another one and another one! LOL. Until then, I need to find a better way to carry what I have. I appreciate everyone's input. Keep 'em coming!
Well from my experience of trying all types of pistols and holsters.

I use to carry a Ruger P95 full size and used a IWB holster and was very uncomfortable then I had many printing problems to say the lease. You could try a shoulder rig and wear a long sleeve shirt to help out on that. But from what I've learned that it sweats and you sweat and it's plain uncomfortable. So, I went with a Crossbreed quick clip and used for that a long time, It worked for the most part but it wasn't good for an all treat type of wear.

After trying holster after holster. I decided to change the way I carry, I bought a Sig Sauer P250 SC and I can tell the difference while carrying and then I went with a Crossbreed super tuck deluxe. All I can say is it's the most comfortable holster you will ever have and use. The point of my story is from my experience large pistols are a pain to carry and will have a print. There is a couple of purses that have a holster inside that you may be able to carry that way and still keep the current pistol you have. But you have to think what will be useful in a defense type and will allow you to protect yourself in that time of need.

I hope this helps you to make a good decision.
I'm with you on this. Trying to find the right holster and not wanting to dump my money into something I don't end up liking. As far as reviews go, I've not heard any negatives about the Crossbreed supertuck and that's probably where my money's gonna go. If someone has a specific comparison between the Crossbreed supertuck and Galco's kingtuk I'd love to hear it too. I heard of Crossbreed first, but they appear to be equally priced.
On the journey with you!
Whoever said a glock23 is too big to conceal is insane? I carry a 23 in super tuck everyday and I'm 5'7" 160lbs. I think those compression shorts are a good idea too. My wife's been wanting some for a while. My only concern with them is that they might wick moisture right to the gun.
I sympathize with ya. It took me forever to find where and how I could carry. I've settled on an IWB appendix carry and have been carrying that way for a couple of years now. I can carry either an XD Subcompact (3" barrel) or the XD Compact (4" barrel), comfortably, based on what jeans I'm wearing and where they fit on my hips.

It sometimes take some experimenting to find the combination that works with your body.
I'm female and carry a Sig P229 every day in a Cross Breed super tuck holster. It took me a lot of trial and error to find just the right holster (and a whole new wardrobe but that's another subject).
I'm new to concealed carry, too, and found that for the summer months I mostly use a holster in my Gun Totin' Mamas purse. (I just bought my first gun ever on June 1st and received my CPL just before July 4th.) When I put on any of my fall and winter wardrobe, on-body carry is not an issue with any of the IWB or OWB holsters.

I have resigned myself to the fact that I will need to vary how I carry based upon the clothing choice for the day. I hate having too many holster types to get used to because, if there was an emergency, I want the benefit of good muscle memory on my side. That said, I practice drawing with my unloaded gun often! I'm 5'3" and weigh about 145 and carry a Glock 19 everyday. I don't like to be without it so I am working on slowly, due to finances, changing my wardrobe to make concealed carry easier in the summer. I suppose I could always wear the same type of clothing everyday but I'm a bit of a diva about my clothes and like to change between dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, capri's, etc. everyday. So, until I am ready to change that part of my persona, I will need many options for carrying.

That said, I want to try some ankle and thigh holsters for days I wear long pants or dresses. I hear that it is easier to drive with an ankle holster? Not sure, but, I plan to check these out soon, too.

Good luck!
An inexpensive thing to try would be a Remora No-Clip. They are sized to specifically fit your gun. The good thing is that they can be positioned anywhere and at any angle for IWB. You can adjust it until you find what is comfortable for you, for less than $30 and get it in a week or 2. It might also help you decide where is comfortable if you decide to buy a more expensive holster. Here is the one for a G23, and I would recommend the "sweat shield" because it keeps the receiver from poking you.
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Cowgirl, Hi again. I also have a G23, and G22 and love the Kholster Infinity Tuckable IWB holster. What's nice about the design is the leather will shape itself to your shape. The clips on it allow you to go with or without a belt. I prefer using a belt though. Also, the clips allow you to tuck in your shirt if you wish to go even deeper conceal. Another advantage is the firearm will never touch your skin, keeping it protected from oil, sweat, etc. Nice thing, they are only around $40.

Kholster Holsters: Infinity Tuckable Holsters

Also, another member suggested the Undertech system. I haven't used them, but know someone that does and speaks highly.
Hello cowgrllost! I read your post the other day and just had to join the group so I could relate my recent experience with my new IWB holster. Like you I'm 5'10". I weigh 145 and am more of a "bean pole" body type as opposed to curves, darn the luck. Although in this instance maybe it's beneficial. Ha! At any rate, I have a Glock 23 also and in researching the various IWB holsters kept hearing about the CrossBreed Supertuck. I went to a local gun store a couple of weeks ago and the owner, a super nice guy, let me try the CrossBreed holster for fit. At the time I was wearing a rather tight pair of waist high jeans with a JJill T-top. I brought along a good leather belt and I was amazed that after positioning the Supertuck, the Glock 23 disappeared. I carry crossdraw at the 11:00 position or thereabouts, having gotten into that habit while carrying a sidearm while hunting and finding the pistol on the strong side, I'm right handed, interfered with a rifle or shotgun slung over my right shoulder. At any rate I've stayed with the crossdraw position as I find it most familiar. I've worn the Supertuck with various outfits, mostly jeans and rather loose tops as that's kind of my style, and find it works well with most but of course not everything. My advice is to try out different holsters at your local gun shop. All of those I frequent in my area, Southern Indiana, are most welcoming of women gun enthusiasts and more than willing to help. Like you I don't have a lot of extra cash to toss around and although the Supertuck is rather expensive I'm finding it works well for me. The only real down side of the IWB holster carried in the 11:00 position is more an issue with the belt and buckle. With all of that bulk right up front and in the area of the zipper and closure, I'm finding the buckle sticks out quite a lot so I'm thinking some kind of gun belt, saw one the other day advertised on the NRA Store site which I'll research further. That said, I've also worn the Supertuck without a belt and it remains quite secure. Also, have you heard of Glocktech's MIC holster? It looks rather "different" but really does work, although not so comfortable for all day carry as the gun is right next to your skin. Just a thought. Good luck with your search and I hope you find something that works for you.
I have roughly the same question? trying to figure out what gun to carry concealed.. small i.e the "flashbang" bra holster would work or a largergun so that I need a waistband holster.
The size of your gun might be an issue. Appendix carry (many women find this really comfortable) might be for you. I was leery about the flashbang holster too. Until I got one. That holster is awesome. I have yet to have anyone tell I am carrying. You might find a better option in the Pin-up Collection at flashbang holsters Many ladies rave about the Betty and Ava.

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