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I am new to concealed carry, and was wondering what the best method of personal carry would be for a "larger" woman?

I've got one by Gun Tote'n Mamas that is good-looking and functional. My Glock 19 fits perfectly with room for a spare mag. They have quite a few styles available, in a number of colors. Mine is a light brown leather, and a friend of mine has the same style in a black and white pattern. The Shooter's shop in town has them for about $70 each and they are well made and sturdy.
Cat Carroll, your size doesn't matter much. Your clothing choices might. There are a lot of great options for women. I would urge you to keep the purse carry to a "last resort" since it is better than nothing at all. There is a great discussion about carrying at Cornered Cat | If you have to fight, fight like a cornered cat.. A great place to look for women's holsters is flashbang holsters. There is a whole line of them called the "Pin-Up Collection". Avoid holsters that collapse and don't allow one hand reholstering. You tend to sweep yourself with the muzzle and frankly, pointing a firearm at your own hand or arm while reholstering is a BAD idea.
I live in the Country, and was a Deputy for 15 years and a Police Chief for 2 more. Where I live we never have a Purse Snatch or a Car Jacking. I think this is more of a city thing.
On body carry would be the best option, however purse carry is FAR better than leaving the handgun at home because you cannot carry it on your body. A cross body carry strap would be something to consider. Look at the features of the purse. Some should have the carry strap armored up with a cable for anti theft security.

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i agree that purses are low on the list of places to keep a firearm but in some situations its almost impossible to conceal on the body (say if your going to a summer outdoor wedding and need to wear a dress, pretty but isnt going to hide a gun in an easy to reach place) if your going to carry a purse get one with a wire reinforced strap and preferably cross body(harder for someone to pull off) also make sure u can reach the weapon. if you are confortable carrying a purse on your right shoulder dont get one where the concealed compartment is accesed when its on your left shoulder. there are quite a few nice sites online just make sure u read the descriptions well. you also may have better luck by actually trying the purse on before buying. there are usually a few vendors at gunshows. good luck! check out all your options for on body carry as well you may find that going into the winter months, concealing under a coat is easy and a better fit.
Okay I too agree it’s probably not the best idea to carry in a handbag. However those of us girls who live in states like mine (TX) knows how hard that can be to carry on your body in the extremely hot and humid temperatures we have down here in more than half of the year. I have found it very difficult to find a really good in waist band, Center back holster that would conceal it during the summer months when I’m wearing shorts or a skirt. Not to mention what about if you are in the professional business world and often wear dresses? I bought a leg band holster a few years ago but still not super comfortable wearing it because it’s made almost entirely of elastic and nothing else. So it didn’t give me the warm and fuzzies wearing it. Now when I do carry my S&W Bodyguard w/integrated green laser, I almost exclusively buy Coach handbags. Now maybe I’m somewhat of a “handbag snob” because it’s almost all I will carry my stuff in. However I have found that their handbags always have one inside zippered pocket. Some also have an external pocket with a magnetic closure which makes it just as easy to access for me as when I carry on my body. It’s quick and easy. When I keep it in an inside zipper that is the ONLY thing I keep in that pocket by itself! I keep it unzipped for easier access and never set my bag down whenever I’m away from my home. I’m always very aware of my gun being in my handbag. It’s no different than how most people don’t typically lose things like their drivers license, wallets, employee badges/ID’s, etc.
Of course this has just been my experience and feel very confident in my ability to get to my gun just as quickly as if I were wearing it. My personal favorite Coach bags are the Coach Carryall’s. Macy’s almost always had great sales on them and there are many outlet malls which also have great deals. However if you go to they too have some awesome deals. Not to mention if you have a birthday coming up or an gift exchange holiday coming up, there’s tour excuse for a new Coach

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