Concealed Carry in Restaurants and Bars in Arizona


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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1113 into law today which makes it legal for CCW permit holders to carry guns into restaurants and bars as long as they don't consume alcohol and the owner hasn't posted a sign prohibiting firearms on the premises.

Fireworks still illegal in Arizona, gun bill OK'd - Phoenix Business Journal:

It's about time that Arizona joined the approximately 40 states that allow this. Her predecessor Janet Napolitano (now Homeland Security Secretary) vetoed essentially the same bill. Anyway...I don't have to tell you about Napolitano and her 2nd Amendment views...they're well known. It's refreshing to have someone like Jan Brewer as Governor of Arizona. BTW: She spoke at the NRA Convention in May here in Phoenix. She was on the program with people like Ted Nugent. :thank_you2:

I saw the video in the news of the bar, and restaurant owners saying they will post signs against guns. So you'll probally never have a chance to actually do it legally. They say that thier customers would panic, and feal threatened if u concealed carried in thier businesses.

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