Concealed Carry, gun exposure


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I'd like to hear some info on accidentally exposure
Generally where there is open carry I assume no issue
I've been told some state will fine you even if there was no intent to reveal?

I travel have multiple CC permits, but sometimes moving around, getting in and out of vehicle shirt/jacket may expose weapon

any info????




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Be very cautious of the idea its no big deal as some states are death on that. Overall my experience is it depends on who sees it.


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This is a question that was very much on my mind when I got my cc permit last year. And as with many questions dealing with legal system, there seems to be no 100% guaranteed answer. It will depend on the LEO called to investigate. I have read reports where gang members, after harassing or threatening someone, and that person produces a weapon, will call law enforcement, back up each other’s story, and cause a problem for the legal carrier. According to some other blogs, accidental exposure, even imprinting, can be viewed as "brandishing" if in the eye of the beholder, the cc was trying to do it on purpose, show off or make a point of it. Depending on which part of the country you live in, where your prosecutor and law enforcement agents hang their hats in their political stances, not to mention where the local media tends to throw its voice at, may determine the outcome of such a non-event.
Very scary to me. Any need of a lawyer can hammer one’s finances.
I am now looking into the various cc legal defense insurance carriers out there. Wish I knew people’s experience with these organizations.

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