Children born addicted


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New mother strung out on pills gives birth to child who is now fighting and on a meth reg..This is an outrage!You cannot press charges, state says that they want the mother to bond with her baby..... wtf! They want to place this child with this girls husbands parents who basically turn the heads and promote this life style.Not to mention, this is where these pillheads reside 90% of the time. I do not understand this at all.I have never seen such outright stupidity in all my days. It seems if you are a pillhead, you have all the rights.....this is one of the reasons we as a nation are failing. If this child has brain damage, or other issues, we now have another burdon on society to care for.All because mommy is a selfish ,non-caring B**ch! Not to mention if he doesn't have health issues, growing up in that enviroment, he will no doubt be in the system before he is 15 yr old.Just like his dad and all his uncles... what a world we live in. Thank god we have guns lol


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This has been going on for years. These people are already sucking off the government sow. You should be happy that our government cares so much. Don't your know we should feel sorry for people having to live this way. It's not their fault. It's all those rich gready people and uncareing republicans that have caused this to happen in our society.:sarcastic:

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