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I've got a buddy working on his pistol license application for Chemung County. According to the clerk who gave him the application packet, the judge does issue licenses with no restrictions. Sometimes.

Her recommendation was to write a letter to the issuing officer explaining why no restrictions are "warranted". If the judge doesn't give him full carry priveleges, he would likely restrct his license to "hunting/target only".

While I find this whole process to be appaling, does anyone know what the honorable judge in Chemung county considers good reason to issue a carry license?

Thank you.

I would find a way to justify that you carry valuables or have a high risk job or live in a high criminal rate area. You probably have to show a risk factor. Tioga does the same thing. Unfortunately, personal defense may not be a valid reason. Sometimes, a well written letter based on the idea that the police will not be there at the start of a problem and that criminals are getting bolder may do it for you.
My buddy got his unrestricted pistol license around Christmas time. He did wrie a letter to the judge that he submitted along with his application.

I think his making the effort and asking for what he wanted did the trick.

I took one of your seminars at Gander a couple years back, Dave. Good stuff. Hopefully, I can make it up to your facility to attend some training in the future.

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