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A friend of mine sent me this link that has really helped me out at work. They have great info on business, marketing, planning, ect. I've looked at a couple of the example feeds offered and they have already been a big help. So I recommend you guys check it out too. If you find it of as much benafit as I have email [email protected] me and I will hook you up with my friend that is one of the guru's of the company.

I'm actually kinda suspicious. Can you vouch for its legitimacy?

Me too any time some site wants to load software red flags pop up. besides the obvious conflicts a new player can cause, there are enough other players out there plus the one that is already in the system. So can you give us a break down on just what it is because I for one will not allow it to load unless this is something real fantastic.
It flags on my home computer too but is sitting here running on my work laptop. It is a new player because the videos are all in HD. Their player is the only one that will play their videos. It is totally ligit guys. Tab through and check it out. This really is fantastic.
infomercial, give them eighty bucks a month for a continuing education seminar on the computer. Me I'm retired, my money is invested and working for me not me for it.
That's great Sheldon. I hope you are enjoying retirement. I can't wait to get there myself. This site is geared more for those of us trying to stay competitive in the work force. It's helped me thought it might help others.

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