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Would anyone from Florida like to chat? I have a lot to learn, so lets get me ready for my ccp!:cool:

everything I think

I have been picking up some good ino from some other boards. I am still waithing for my CCL so for now all I can do is learn... :D
I think the best thing you can do while waiting for a permit is to go check out gun shops and shooting ranges in your area. Find a shop you like and start shooting the rented guns they have. This way when the permit comes in you will already know what shops you like and what type of gun your interested in.

Been there done that & bought the shirt as they say. I found and bought a Bresa 380 for my carry. I went to the range a time or two to try it out. I have even gone so far as to wear it around the house (unloaded of course)to get the feel of it.:eek: I tried to get the range recommended instructor to give me a handleing lesson. But he is to busy so I am still looking for someone else.
Range time

Be prepared to spend a lot of time (and cash) at the range. You need to become very familiar with the firearm that you choose to carry. You really need to become comfortable with the feel, function and reliability of the gun. Remember to 3 rules, the law, and get yourself into the right mindset for concealed carry.

Also for what its worth, as a fellow Floridian, try a hybrid holster, love mine! :)

I ordered a UBG but I am still waiting for it. It is being made this week. While I was waiting for it I got a Don Hume J.I.T. Something to carry around the house to get the feel. The wait time in Florida is long enough that I thought Nate would be done with the UBG way befor the permit came. And It looks like thats what is going to happen....
if you are in jacksonville you may be able to get Mass Ioup spelling ? the other group thats been listed is great as is morrigon con. Bill Jeans. dry fire dry fire and then dry fire

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