Cell Pal concealed carry holster- anyone use one?

col rhino

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looking for opinions from those who have handled/tried one/currently use one of these holsters... thanks.


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Gave it away..

Bought one, tried, practiced with it realized that no matter what I did I would be dead B 4 I could draw a gun from that rig. I gave it away. I found it useless.

Ed Hamberger

New member
I have one too, and I had the same experiences as the other two gentlemen. I haven't sold or given it away yet, but I have bought a CrossBreed Super Tuck in horsehide to replace it and I'm real happy with it. I did get the Cell Pal Deep Carry to work alright with my small PT709 9mm, but I can forget using it for my PT145 as it just doesn't allow drawing fast enough. I could still draw it faster than a young Gangbanger can get his piece out of his low slung pocket though!


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I saw those at a gun show a few weeks ago. The guy doing the demo obviously didn't practice enough, because he kept getting hung. It didn't look very comfortable at all, and really awkward.

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