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Another poll to tilt in our favor...
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Fact is, on college campuses - just like out in the real world - no one's making anyone carry a weapon...just making it their option if they choose to do so. How people (students & faculty in this case) can continue to deny themselves the one resource that has been demonstrated to save lives when someone runs amok, then wring their hands and lament about how unfair it is that people get (got) killed during such an episode, just shows how out of touch with reality these folks really are. I guess The Government is supposed to save them...let "someone else" do the dirty work.

I'm not buying into the business of "Do you think 'others' should be allowed to..." do this or that. Personally, I think there are more than enough lawyers in the country, and I don't think anyone should be allowed to study Law for a while...what do YOU think?
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Wow, that's pathetic. And in Alabama, of all places. THose are poll results I'd expect out of the Boston Globe, LA Times, or the Chicago Sun Times. Sad to think that the sheeple mentality has so drastically permeated the traditionally pro-gun South.

You can change the results just by the wording of the question. If this had been listed as "do you think people who have had training in firearms use and possess concealed carry permits should be allowed to carry on college campus to help prevent terrorist attacks?" The results would be overwelming in favor. The media can word the question to get the results that they want. Most people are easily influenced by what they see and hear in the media.:(
I don't see this as very negative.

First, it's an Internet poll so it isn't confined to the Alabama area. As we are doing, others can be looking at that poll from anywhere. Heck, I voted from Ukraine so Brits, Frenchmen, even New Yorkers could be voting. Second, the wording isn't quite what we would have wanted but it is still a majority in favor. Does Alabama have open carry? The wording could actually cover that as well. And third, at least they thought to ask the question. I view that as a step in the right direction - now if we can just get them to keep going down that pathway.
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carry on campus poll

Well, 55% for, 45% against is still a plurality on the right side. If anything, I see a general shift towards more Second Amendment Rights (wishful thinking?), rather than away. As stated above, it is an "open" poll, so really has no significance in a statistical sense.:confused:
Well as a student who has been carrying legally here in utah on campus for 2 years now, its not a surprise. People typically equate college students to "Animal House" when they think about CCW on campus. Its unfortunate when every other of age individual can carry everywhere else. Thank goodness for Utah. Its now 57 percent for. Not much better but gettin there.
Take a good look at that website...

Below the poll notice the other stories:

TGI Friday's Shooter in Court
Fallen Officer Funeral
Shooting Suspect Helped by Police

No wonder the community has guns on its mind.

The Fallen Officer story is worth a read. Note the role of the bystanders.

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