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Robert A. Droze

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Why is required to take a CCW course in the state of Nevada. Just moved here from alabama

Why, I suppose, depends on your point of view. Some might say that the state wants to ensure that those citizens who carry have at least a minimum level of training in firearm safety and the laws relevant to using deadly force. Others might say that it is the state putting up another roadblock in front of those who simply wish to pursue their right to keep and bear arms, which is particularly burdensome to those of modest means. I say that it's the government, and they do it because they can. The bright side, if there is one, is that your permit will be good in most other states that also require taking a class.
I took my class at The Gun Store it only cost $35 dollars if you use your own gun to qualify. Then you have to go pay $95 at the police station to process you application with the completed certificate from the class. The fun news it take about 120 day before you get the permit which is good for 5 years but your renewal date start on the day you apply. So you loose 4 month without being able to carry concealed.

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