Car carry question

The law states that a pistol may be "carried in a car" while loaded if a CCW permit is present. My question is, does carried in a vehicle mean conceled on your person, OR carried in your car ie: locked box or trunk. This question refers to trips to and from Hunting or Target practice, as stated on the permit. Sorry if this has been covered already...

Legally, you can have it with you in your car concealed however you want, within reason. If you have some type of administrative restriction placed on your license by your issuing official, that is a different story, but those restrictions hold no legal weight.

If you are in NYC, then it would be a different story still, but you did not mention what county you are in.
This depends on the issuing judge. An unrestricted permit allows you to carry concealed on your person or in your vehicle. As long as you have a CCW, you can carry a loaded handgun in your car. If you have a restricted permit, things are a bit more grey. It is commonly interpreted that you can carry on your person to and from the range or hunting. This does not include stops however. Each judge interprets restrictions differently, and your best bet is to contact the judge or court clerk from the court of YOUR permit to determine the stance.

If you are from out of state, it is a different story. Follow the federal Title 18- 926A Code for interstate transport, but the pistol must be unloaded and locked in the trunk of the vehicle. It is not guaranteed however that you will not be arrested for illegal possession of a handgun even when transporting by the 926A code.

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