Bought a rossi .38 sp +p 4 inch blued


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My wife is taking a CCW class later this month so I bought a revolver for her qualifier. In MO, you have to qualify with a semi and a wheel gun. The cheapest method would have been for her just to rent the .22 Taurus at the range for the class, but at the end of the day, one doesn't own anything. Does anybody have one of these Rossi's, and are you happy with it? I also shoot IDPA, and thought I might occasionally shoot in the SSR.

I owned a rossi snub nose and was very happy with how it shot and carried it everywhere I went a very good carry weapon. Im gonna guess since you have a 4 inch barrel it will shoot even better.
I have a Rossi 357 Magnum. Have shot it quite a bit but mines huge. Long barrel, weighs a ton. I love it tho. I like to shoot a few rounds through it at the range cause its so loud ppl look for the hand cannon.

Its reliable & accurate.
You can't beat the price. I paid $280, about the same as what I paid for her Kel-Tec PF-9, and I don't even like for her to shoot the PF-9 without wearing a batter's glove. Thanks people for the information. I bought two guns recently. One from Gun Broker, and one off Cheaper than Dirt. We'll see which one arrives the quickest.

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